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PAPAD active Training

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Myofascial Training and DSB Breath Control

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PAPAD passive Massage

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Myofascial Massage and Neurophysical Relaxation

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Every Friday 6:00 – 7:00 pm

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Stretch Away the Tired and Tense Spots in Your Body – Book your Myofascial Group Training Now

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The myofascial group training PAPAD active – Press And Pull And Differentiate actively – consists of different movement sequences, which improve the mobility, contractibility and flexibility of your muscles. Your whole body is placed in a specific position relative to its parts in order to facilitate a release in your joints, muscles, fibres and tissues. 
The key to stretching tight, hard and difficult to release muscles, muscle fibres and tissues.

DSB – dynamic spiral breathing – is a diaphragmatic breath control process that facilitates the parasympathetic nervous system relaxation.

  • Relax your contracted muscles
  • Improve your blood and lymphatic circulation
  • Maximize the effectiveness of the Pilates method
  • Increase oxygen to your muscles
  • Accelerate removal of waste matter

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The myofascial massage PAPAD passive – Press And Pull And Differentiate Passively – is a hands-on-body treatment-technique that facilitates muscular, fascial and neurophysiological relaxation.

Your body parts are moved passively while the weight of your entire body is supported, so you can entrust yourself, let go and release tension.

My hands gently press your various body parts; raising and moving them to loosen your joints and muscles. I use my hands as mirrors to explicitly communicate with every part of your body, especially with those parts where I detect blockades. You become aware of muscle tensions resulting from bad habits, and I show you how to consciously loosen them.

  • Reduces stress related tension
  • Relieves pain, which arises from shortened muscles and blunt joints
  • Stretches muscles & improve their elasticity
  • Stretches your spine
  • Gives you a feeling of lightness and freedom in your shoulder and neck area
  • Makes you aware of strains, which come from bad habits
  • Gives you a feeling of harmony within your whole body.

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The PAPAD Passive massage is suitable for anyone striving for alleviation of tension, and wishing to have a wide range of movements at their disposal.

Particularly beneficial for people with

  • constant muscle strain
  • muscular and skeletoral imbalances
  • chronic shoulder and neck tension
  • blockades in the pelvic area

and for people who

  • cannot relax during their day to day activities
  • or/and have difficulty in expressing their sensuality.

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PAPAD passive is reinforced synergetically by the active Bodyhood Pilates training. In this cooperation of active and passive training PAPAD passive assists you with self-improvement.

You will achieve more independence. First you learn to memorize the feeling experienced on the massage table, then you learn to kinasthetically retrieve these achieved changes and eventually you learn to maintain them effectively in your everyday life.
In other words, PAPAD passive opens your body to a more creative life – open to discovery.

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Discover Feeling Well, Balanced and Light as a Feather – Book your Myofascial Massage Now


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