Pre- and Post-Natal Pilates

Pilates pre- and postnatal pregnancy

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To prepare your body for and protect you from the demands of pregnancy – strengthen your body while pregnancy and tone and form your body after giving birth – Pilates- and non-Pilates-based exercises are an excellent support. They will help you to increase joint flexibility and reduce strain on your lower back. A strong flexible spine and pelvic joint will reduce the chances of lower back strain.

During the 9 month of pregnancy high demands are placed on your pelvis and spine. While your pelvis is most directly involved with giving birth, as it is the bony passage your baby passes through when it is born, your spine has to accommodate and distribute the extra weight of pregnancy.

Prepare your body for these enormous new demands with pre- and postnatal Bodyhood exercises.

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During Pregnancy

[x_icon type=“moon-o“] Ensuring that you carry your baby correctly and helping you to prevent backache by improving your muscular balance, which supports and moves your body.

[x_icon type=“moon-o“] Ensuring good oxygenated blood for you and your baby. Breathing well depends on good posture.

[x_icon type=“moon-o“] Alleviating the minor discomforts of pregnancy – such as pain in your hip joint and/or ribs, and cramps in your legs.

[x_icon type=“moon-o“] Lessening of problems associated with poor circulation – varicose veins, haemorrhoids, fluid retention and low blood pressure. Your circulation depends on your muscles. If a muscle is tight, the blood vessels running through it are restricted. This means that the circulation in your body and indirectly to your baby in the womb is restricted, too.

[x_icon type=“moon-o“] Combating fatigue. If your muscles are shortened and movements are restricted, your flow of energy is blocked.

[x_icon type=“moon-o“] Cultivating ease and comfort in the natural positions of birth, and being able to move freely and instinctively. Most of the positions of the pilates based exercises are very similar to the positions women instinctively assume in labour.

[x_icon type=“moon-o“] Becoming familiar with the discomfort and even pain of going beyond your usual limits, because labour and birth will definitely demand from you to go beyond your normal limits of pain endurance.


After Birth

[x_icon type=“moon-o“] Toning and forming your pelvic floor muscles, and helping your uterus return to normal.

[x_icon type=“moon-o“] Strengthening your lower back, which carried so much weight during pregnancy.

[x_icon type=“moon-o“] Toning your abdominals to restore their strength and elasticity.

[x_icon type=“moon-o“] Releasing tension in your shoulder and neck area, which is most likely under stress from carrying your baby for many hours.

[x_icon type=“moon-o“] Improving circulation to your breasts, toning the muscles that supports them; and improving your posture.

[x_icon type=“moon-o“] Maintaining the increased flexibility and mobility of your joints, which you achieved during pregnancy, while promoting the tightness of your ligaments.

[x_icon type=“moon-o“] Tightening your pelvic floor area, and helping your spine return to its normal curvature.

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