The Bodyhood Interpretation of the 7 Pilates Principles

pilates principles

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Each of the Pilates exercises is built on the 7 Pilates principles without which the body uses about twice as much energy as necessary.

[x_icon type=“circle-o“] Concentration – Point the arrow where it should be going! Bring everything into a coherent understanding.

[x_icon type=“circle-o“] Control – Power without force! Organize and coordinate your muscular network through the application of the deep muscle corset system.

[x_icon type=“circle-o“] Centering – I enfold! Organize the continuous band that connects the lower back to the belly in the horizontal sphere, and the pelvis to the ribcage in the vertical sphere; and all that before starting the exercise.

[x_icon type=“circle-o“] Flowing movement – The river never stops moving! There is no beginning and no end. Every movement comes from another and leads to another.

[x_icon type=“circle-o“] Precision – The economy of movement. Like the sword of a Samurai! The act of precision sends a clear signal to the mind not to sway from the path it has chosen. It reduces effort and waste, and saves time.

[x_icon type=“circle-o“] Breathing – There is always air in the air! But if the thinking of the breathing dictates the movement, then the quality of the movement will be jeopardized.

[x_icon type=“circle-o“] Relaxation – Don’t fight, sigh! Your intention to act should never be greater than the performance of the action itself.

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