The Functionality of Power without Force

Pilates Stretch Back

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“Power without Force” is a functional, and not a metaphysical or mystical concept.
It describes the ability to

  • initiate movement from the core, which starts from a state of release, and to
  • carry out an action with a minimum of resistance.

In technical terms, it is an integrative, unified and uniformed controlled action that uses a minimum expenditure of energy to produce a maximum amount of work.

In simple terms, „Power without force“ means the path of least resistance. However, it does not simply mean to make work more effortless. It means to bring all of yourself together towards one goal and one direction. In the end this actually really makes any work more effortless, because the emphasis is placed on the function and not on the structure, which is essential.

So, do not let us confuse that, which is interesting, with that, which is useful. A high quantity of fanciful Pilates exercise-routines is interesting, but a functional Pilates exercise programme is useful. The Bodyhood approach teaches Pilates functionally. It will not only appear, but also function as Joseph H. Pilates originally intended it – deeply relevant to the way you live.

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