The Path of Least Resistance

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What happens when one carries out a movement with (Force) and without a force-ful component (Power)?

If, for instance, the action, you carry out, is directed by Force, you will get an inharmonious opposition in the rest of your body; namely, in that part of your body that is not actively involved in the movement; which leads to a state of collapse – a non-functional state. In other words, if you perform an exercise with Force you promote a state of suppression, which leads to a reaction within your body. It does not lead to a desired response. And, unfortunately, this means: No space for awareness. So, Force is an action that produces an unnecessary amount of tenseness within the body, which besides, is out of proportion to the work produced; and even worse, does not help the movement to achieve its full potential.

On the other hand, if the action is governed by power without a force-ful component no inharmonious opposition arises. What arises … is a natural response in the muscles not being used. And this is neither a reaction, nor a collapse; but a release. So, Power focuses on removing any inharmonious opposition to the action performed, before applying the efforts of the will to accomplish the required action; and all that without jeopardizing the integrity of the body as a whole. Can you imagine a more wonderful state of being!

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