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The Bodyhood© Pilates studio is already since the year 1990 engaged in satisfying the still current need for a mind that is flexible, a body that is strong and a spirit that is free. 

“Bodyhood” is a state of being and not yet another style of Pilates. It means the quality of being-in-your-body. This quality refers to silence and lightness, or in other words, to meditation and elevation. It describes the state of presence felt deeply within your body, which comes with self-awareness, self-knowledge, and self-empowerment.
In our logo, “Bodyhood” is placed in front of “Pilates” to make “Bodyhood Pilates”. It describes the state of being-in-your-body, which you need, to be able to use “Power without Force” in your Pilates training.

And what exactly does “Power without Force” mean?

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In simple terms, “Power without Force” means the path of least resistance. It means to bring all of yourself together towards one goal and one direction and to so make any work more effortless.  The key is to emphasize the function and not the structure.

The function is the essence of the Power without Force philosophy because the aim of our body is to function. All in all, Bodyhood is about understanding our body not as a mere machine, but as a teaching tool for our mind on our journey to a unity of body, mind and soul.

Click here and read how a baby wonderfully demonstrates our “Power without Force” concept.

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I have developed concepts and techniques such as the ABC principle, the intonation and verbalization of movement, which are not typically associated with the teaching of the Pilates method, but are immensely helpful in teaching you the essence and being of your body. The ABC principle, for example, is an integrative device to break down disassociation. The ABC technique will help you to gain and utilize space, silence and awareness. It will keep you in the moment. You kill two birds with one stone: you learn the Pilates exercises and you will also learn what it means to be-in-your-body.

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Read here more on how the Bodyhood Pilates method developed


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