About me

“It is a great honour for me to have been one of the first dance, fitness
and Pilates trainers in Austria, and it
fills me with joy and happiness to watch the
dance, fitness and Pilates movement in Austria develop into such a
vibrant and dynamic social platform.”



Mindfulness of what actually is.
The basic aim of my work is to help people develop a will to be awake so that they can become aware of what is actually happening around them.

You simply cannot be and do effectively until you are awake enough to become aware. To be aware of something is to see, feel and understand it as it really is; and then to be aware of what needs to be done even before you do anything. The will to “become aware” is in itself the beginning of the end of “sleep”!


I am a dancer, choreographer, performance motivator and Pilates and body awareness coach. I was born on St Lucia, an island in the Eastern Caribbean, and grew up in London. I studied dance and Pilates in London and the USA.

The essence of my knowledge, however, does not come from public institutions, but from the direct confrontation with the problems of the people themselves; from studying, researching and searching. On this path, I always manage to see possibilities even where there seem to be none.

I have given workshops and seminars in studios, hospitals and therapeutic institutions in Austria, and as a guest teacher in Germany, the United States and Bermuda.



In 1990 I founded Body Contrology Studio, the first Pilates studio in the German-speaking world. This was followed in 2000 by Bodyhood Pilates, which is known for its innovative and revolutionary approach to the work of Joseph H. Pilates.

I combine scientific and intuitive learning techniques mixed with a touch of the extraordinary and the brilliance of the Pilates Method. This is how I create clarity and enable deep insights into the holistic learning and understanding of the Pilates Method.


My profound respect for the human body allows me to integrate teachings from masters such as Moshe Feldenkrais, Matthias Alexander and Gurdjieff into my teaching. This, among other things, has established me as a specialist in solving a wide range of movement difficulties; a kind of combination of Sherlock Holmes and Imhotep.

When I teach, I feel like a magician mixing a potion – like an alchemist mixing his secret ingredients without restraint. This is how I create new movement creations to help my students understand their own bodies and the exercises. I get the most joy when I see the “A-ha!” look in my students’ eyes. When their understanding opens up and is reflected in their bodies. That is the kind of magic I work towards in my work in dance and Pilates training. Nothing is more satisfying than that moment!


I believe that knowledge is everywhere and belongs to each of us who are awake enough to get to the bottom of it. Every second gives us the opportunity to learn and connect to a larger pool of knowledge. We can then respectfully integrate into our work what is needed and set aside what cannot be used. 


CSRM – Charleston Samu RII Marquis – is regarded as one of the most innovative and authentic bodywork and dance trainers in Austria today. He is known as a master of his craft, has more than 30 years of experience, and has introduced the Pilates method to Austria.

He has an innate ability to inspire his students and clients to follow a path that is a relentless search for truth and quality.

His patience and understanding of the human body has been able to bring positive results to even the most unusual body types and personalities. He dazzles, provokes and inspires his students and clients with his ever-present passion. “The solution to our problems is in the being, not the doing, because we create the problem; the problem does not create itself,” he often says.