The Different Meanings Of Masks

Pilates Trainingsoptimierung Persönlichkeitsmaske Wohlbefinden erhöhen Therapie Bewusstheit

Early this morning I was relentlessly haunted by impressions of masks. I would like to share them with you.

There are 3 different types of masks

  1. The mask as a whole or partial face covering for dressing up to amuse or frighten. These are the masks we wear at carnival or also robbers and thieves wear.
  2. The mask as a protective shield that prevents infection. These are the masks that doctors wear during operations or we wear during a pandemic, like COVID-19.
  3. The mask as an elusive disguise that separates us from our true self and prevents us from living our lives joyfully.

During the Corona pandemic, we all noticed how uncomfortable the repetitive wearing of the Corona mask is. Interestingly, however, we are not aware of how restrictive the mask of personality we constantly wear is. Although both masks inhibit our freedom of expression, much more attention is paid to the Corona mask. I think this is exactly wrong.

The “star of the show” has always been and probably always will be the mask of personality. I think in the post-Corona times, when we may finally put aside the Corona mask, we should also be ready to give up our personality mask. For it is detrimental to our well-being. Our own well-being as individuals, the well-being of our fellow citizens and that of the nation as a whole. Governments, doctors, psychiatrists, psychologists and therapists should talk about this publicly and make it very clear to us.

Sure, when we talk to each other, the Corona mask makes it difficult to listen and it partially obstructs our vision. But the personality mask hinders the expression of our humanity. It interferes with the way we think and feel about ourselves, preventing us from acting on our thoughts and feelings.

Bodyhood Pilates understands quite well how our personality mask negatively affects Joseph H. Pilates’ core message:

“To achieve and maintain a unified developed body together with a healthy mind. To be fully able to do our many different daily activities naturally, with ease and in a satisfying way with spontaneous vigour and pleasure.”

(De-)mask yourself & fly with it!

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