Going Into Battle Against Covid-19 – Power Without Force

Pilates Trainingsoptimierung differenzierte Bewegung Corona Virus Immunsystem stärken Achtsamkeit besserer Schlaf Covid-19 Präventionsmaßnahmen

Charleston Samu Rii Marquis CSRM

From many philosophers, gurus, poets and master teachers we have heard “fear eats the soul”. I have not yet heard “corona virus eats the soul” although a noticeable effect of the corona virus is definitely to create fear in us.

How the coronavirus works?

However, the coronavirus is a relatively mild killer compared to other viruses. However, it has the high-ranking position of a great viral cheat. It quickly enters our cells, alters the cellular data and thus convinces our body that it comes in peace. How does it do it?

It’s simple. When this new frenemy called coronavirus arrives, it invades our cells and copies the cells’ production instructions to reproduce itself. Then, when the viruses outnumber the cells, they explode the cell, spreading to other cells to do the same destructive thing. COVID-19 is a true master of this war strategy and that is why it is so dangerous to our health.

There is a war between viruses and bacteria with the bacteria winning most of the time. However, the viruses gain the upper hand when the number of ‘bad’ bacteria exceeds the number of ‘good’ bacteria in our body. Are we unintentionally allowing this to happen?

Do we eat foods that are incompatible with our microbiome? Are we consistently ruminating in negative thoughts? Do we constantly provoke toxic feelings? Do we fail to differentiate our movement patterns? All of these habits reduce our immune system’s ability to protect us from foreign invaders because we create ‘bad’ bacteria. This also results in the risk group of people who are already elderly, and people who have respiratory or heart diseases or suffer from diabetes.

Rally the troops

Pilates Exercise optimisation Differentiated movement Corona Virus Strengthening the immune system Mindfulness Better sleep Covid-19 Preventive measures

Right now, the best defence against COVID-19 is to boost our immune system. How? We have a battle plan!

  1. Improving our sleeping habits.
  2. Accepting and giving “love” abundantly and unconditionally.
  3. Differentiating our movement patterns with mindfulness.

However, we could also wait another year for a medical solution, as health organisations predict. Or we could take matters into our own hands. We can start right now with these 3 essential things to strengthen our immune system. If not now, when! Let’s strengthen our immune system by improving our sleeping habits, increasing our capacity to love and training our body with mindfulness.

I breathe myself into better sleep

Pilates Exercise optimisation Differentiated movement Corona Virus Strengthening the immune system Mindfulness Better sleep Covid-19 Preventive measures

Before we start the breathing exercise. If you are anxious or tense and cannot consciously relax, I recommend rope jumping for 3 minutes.

Half an hour before you go to bed, get a mat and turn on the music I’ve provided for you in the video just below. Lie on your back with a cushion under your head and knees. Interlace your fingers and place your hands on your lower abdomen. Breathe into your lower abdomen and feel your hands lift up towards the sky. Wait and listen to the silence, then exhale with a deep hum and feel your lower abdomen sink down towards the earth. Maybe you like to imagine your inhalation and exhalation merging with the sunrise and sunset.

When you’re done, take melatonin (1-3 mg), let it melt under your tongue, go to sleep and rest.

I practise to accept and give love

Take a moment, listen to your gut and call or write a message to someone you feel has been wronged. Apologise from your heart and sincerely announce your willingness to do better next time. Be inspired to do the best you can.

Think of someone you love or hold in high esteem. Allow that thought to put a smile on your face and warm your heart. Then, go ahead and call or text that person. Share openly and from your heart how he or she has positively impacted your life. This works especially well if you haven’t told him or her yet.

I train body mindfulness

Take a moment and put a smile on your face. Give your endorphins free rein! Then watch the video and join in as mindfully and actively as you can. We end the exercise with a deep relaxing sound. A vibrating hum.

Try it & fly with it!


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