The Power of Intention

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Charleston Samu Rii Marquis CSRM

Intention gives meaning to our goals

Pursuing a goal without giving it meaning is like owning a beautiful diamond without knowing what to do with it. Or like spending all our energy to reach the top of the mountain and then asking ourselves at the top “Why am I here?

What do we actually want to achieve?

In the search for such truths, it is necessary that we question our heart. Let’s ask ourselves, “What do I want to achieve in my training?” And let’s dig deeper: “How does my training affect me and others?”

Should it not be of interest to each one of us to discover the dignified intention in our heart? To then set about achieving our purpose?

In terms of a worthy purpose “I want to have a six-pack” – isn’t going to fit the bill. Even though, of course, there is nothing wrong with wanting a six-pack. But we have to ask ourselves: What for? What is the point of having a six-pack? How can the six-pack help the holistic integration and harmony of my body, mind and heart?

Discovering what makes me feel alive

In terms of Pilates training, for example, the Pilates training itself is not the intention. The Pilates training is the tool. The intention could be to be completely unapologetically and unequivocally free in practising Pilates to balance body and mind.

Defining Pilates training as an intention is like saying “the intention of my life is to eat”. But a necessity is not an intention. Eating is a necessity, not an intention. In this allegory, an intention could be to eat so that you don’t get digestive problems or heartburn.

Discovering what invigorates each one of us means learning to understand our intention.

Sending failures into nirvana

If someone with an intention encounters failure or obstacles, she and he is still happy because they understand that this is also a possible path to success.

Intention unites vision, desire and will into ONE coherent whole.

In contrast, “doubt and fear are 2 faked forces that make a lame and crooked path out of the straight and steady path of intention.”

Discovering my deeper intention

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Chant a-way

You could try this chant in ¾ time first thing in the morning and last thing in the evening and maybe integrate it into your life

I started as one and then became many, and in the many I became one again.
I started as one and then became many, and in the many I became one again.
I started as one and then became many, and in the many I became one again.

Try it & fly with it!


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