3 Simple Tips To Relieve Cyber-Stress In Your Neck

Cyber-Stress Nackenprobleme Pilates Übung Achtsamkeitstraining Bewusstheit Körperintegrität Verspannungen lösen

Charleston Samu Rii Marquis CSRM

I, you, we all live in the age of information technology. The cyber world dominates every aspect of our lives. Flesh-to-metal communication is replacing flesh-to-flesh communication in all shapes and sizes. Today, our best friends are no longer the people we went to school with, but the mesmerising digital cyber dances of lights, clicks and images on our phones, pads, laptops and PCs. Virtual reality entertains us – the integrity of our bodies suffers.

I demand body integrity in our cyber world!

Our eyes, head, neck, spine and back are unconsciously forced to leave their natural position by these highly financed cyber-attractions. This causes our core control to geometrically malfunction. However, even though, technology has a negative impact on our bodies, we can learn to mitigate the cyber-influences.

We have some tips for you, but first, let me explain the technique. I remember a You Tube interview with Bruce Lee. The interviewer asked him what the secret of his technique was. Bruce replied cockily: “I make the unnatural natural, and the natural unnatural.”

I make the unnatural natural

That is exactly what we need to do. Making the unnatural natural and the natural unnatural. It means that we need to readjust our bodies in the interaction with the cyber world. We have to learn to physically deal with these unnatural highly financed cyber attractions in such a way that we can maintain the integrity of our bodies. Yes, we will have to learn to use our body differently, and with our 3 tips to release cyber neck stress, we will kinaesthetically prepare our body to do so.

Let us change what we perceive as natural – most probably slouching in front of the PC or TV – into what we perceive as unnatural – most likely sitting in an upright position that is projected out of our pelvis. Yes, it’s that simple! All we need is a pinch of awareness and the will to implement it;)

By the way, the upright sitting position is a whole other topic still to be discussed, but that’s for another time. Now and here, as promised …

3 tips to release cyber neck stress

Tip 1 – Massage
Sit on a chair or lie on your back. Scan your neck with your thumbs until you find a pain point. Press on this point for 10 seconds. Breathe in slowly through your nose and out through your mouth.

Cyber Stress Neck Problems Pilates Exercise Mindfulness Training Awareness Body Integrity Release Tension

Tip 2 – Breathe
Lie on the floor as in the picture below. Inhale slowly and count to 3, hold your breath and count to 9, then exhale slowly to 6. Do this sequence for 1 minute. Repeat on the other side.

Cyber Stress Neck Problems Pilates Exercise Mindfulness Training Awareness Body Integrity Release Tension

Tip 3 – Move mindfully
Lie on the floor with a small ball under your chest (picture 1). Inhale slowly and lift your head and chest (picture 2). Stay in this position, and lift your pelvis as you exhale slowly (picture 3). Inhale and bring your pelvis back onto the floor (picture 4). Exhale and come back to the starting position (picture 5). Inhale and exhale naturally so that the air goes in and out through your nose continuously. Push your elbows back and lift your chin towards your chest (picture 6). Repeat this sequence 5 times.

Last but not least, stand up, walk around and enjoy this new feeling of lightness around your head. Yes, it’s YOUR neck! Your neck free from cyber neck tension.

He and she who feels it – knows it!

Try it & fly with it!


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