Breathe ‘Breath-A-Cize’ To Energize

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Charleston Samu Rii Marquis CSRM

Breathe ‘breath-a-size’! Let’s revive our body by fully integrating our inhalation and exhalation.

Pilates Biofeedback for breathing dynamics

Breathing ‘breath-a-size’ is very easy with our biofeedback tool, the ‘breath-a-sizer’. With the breath-a-sizer we train a conscious and complete exhalation as well as a reflexive and calm inhalation while performing the exercises.

Yes, I know breath-a-sizer sounds a bit like breathalyzer. The breathalyzer used by the cops to test our blood alcohol level when we are driving under the influence of alcohol. In our case, however, we are talking about the breath-a-sizer, a breathing trainer that we use in our Bodyhood Pilates studio to check breath dynamics and breath integration.

Perceive breathing as our source of energy

This is how it should be! During the exercise, breathing should consist of a conscious exhalation and a reflexive inhalation. Unfortunately, this is so often not the case. The world we have created and the life we lead interfere with our ability to implement this desired breathing process during the exercises.

That is why the breath-a-sizer is such a useful perceptive tool. With the support of the breath-a-sizer we can consciously see, feel and hear the phase of exhalation. We so facilitate a release and relaxation in the exhalation, and achieve a feeling of buoyancy in the inhalation. Our breathing becomes our own renewable source of energy.

DIY – Breath integration

Now let’s integrate our breathing! We’ll look at some simple footwork exercises on the Pilates Reformer as an example. Watch the video now and get some insight on integrated breath work.

Starting position

Lie on the Reformer. Your feet are together and your knees are bent. Place a small cushion between your knees.

The procedure

Push the carriage and stretch your legs while inhaling. Exhale, press the cushion between your knees and blow into the “breath-a-sizer” so that it spins to bring the carriage back. The aim is to get the wheel spinning as much as possible so that you really exhale fully. And yes … the more you exhale, the more the wheel turns;) When you manage to turn the wheel as fast as you can, push the carriage away again to stretch your knees. Voilà, you will see that the inhalation comes reflexively due to a natural desire for oxygen. Yes, this is beyond the control of our self-will.

And the most beautiful thing about it is: If we are able to let this natural breath reflex happen, we never again have a conflict with ourselves when we have to add a breathing pattern to a movement sequence.

This is essential because adding a well-balanced breathing pattern to Pilates exercises is the most challenging of all the principles of the Pilates method. Beginners and advanced practitioners get confused easily when it comes to breathing. Now to you!

Try it & fly with it!


… and share your perception with the world because perception is the guiding light to understand, innerstand and overstand insightfully.

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