Swan Dive – Immersion Without Fight-Flight Reflex

Pilates Swan Dive Training für gesunden Rücken Wirbelmuskel Re-konditionierung Haltungsschäden korrigieren Wirbelsäulen Integrität Kampf-Flucht-Mechanismus

Charleston Samu Rii Marquis CSRM

The Pilates Swan Dive exercise artistically imitates a swan diving into the water for a bath or in search of food. For us humans, however, when we do the Swan Dive exercise, it often doesn’t look so artistically elegant. Why? Our fight-flight reflex gets in the way. Either we fight too hard or we flee from what we have to consciously implement in order for the Swan Dive to be effective. What actually is the effect of the Swan Dive exercise?

A treat for my back

The aim of the Swan Dive on the Wunda Chair is to keep our back intact and to maintain back integrity. This is important for us humans but not so much for a swan. Because swans don’t watch TV and don’t lounge around in their chairs while playing computer games. Nor do swans keep their noses glued to the computer screen when their self-will once again turns off their common sense and makes them go overboard.

The Swan Dive, however, offers a great opportunity to take good care of our back. First, let’s see how to do the Pilates Swan Dive on the Wunda Chair in the 30-second video below. Let’s click now.

My chance to recondition my vertebral muscles

The Swan Dive is an excellent chance to recondition our muscles that we have abused over the years due to unfavorable posture. It is a chance to ‘bodily’ ground ourselves and fly on a linear path of elevation. We surf in and out of the gravitational pull. This is our chance to teach the cybernetically de-conditioned muscles to protect the integrity of our spine. Come and try it out with us at the Bodyhood Pilates Studio! Enquire now!

Yes, the feeling is uplifting! But let us not forget: Without the downward pull, there would be no need for the upward pull either. Because as the saying goes:

What goes up must come down. As is above so is below.

Try it & fly with it!


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