Letting my Chest Soften

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Charleston Samu Rii Marquis CSRM

Do you know that comforting feeling when our chest feels as smooth and soft as melted butter? Not yet? No idea? … Why not experience it today? Today I’ll show you an animal breathing method that achieves exactly that: A released chest. Welcome the dog breathing into your life;)

The dog breathing is particularly suitable for people with tension in the chest because they breathe too shallowly – upper chest breathing. And for those who do not yet know how to use the so-called powerhouse correctly in their Pilates training.

The ‘melting’ of our ribcage is a basic prerequisite for all Pilates exercises. This is because the ‘melting’ of our ribcage makes our spine flexible and fluid when we bend, stretch and twist. In the Pilates Hundred exercise, for example, the ‘melting’ of our ribcage allows our ribcage to move horizontally towards the pelvis. This makes it easier for our spine to lift. And our head finds it easier to flow out of our neck. So, how can we let our chest ‘melt away’? … so that we can fully enjoy the positive effect of all Pilates exercises with a flexion or extension of the spine.

The Dog Breathing for my relaxed chest

Symbolism = our chest becomes soft like butter and melts away
Breathing technique = dog breathing – long sustained tone
Breathing ratio = 6-3-12
6 – Riding the breath – inhalation.
3 – Listening – hold the breath.
12 – Exhaling for what feels like an eternity – exhalation.

The procedure

Place your thumb and index finger on your cheeks between your jawbones and allow your tongue to hang out – as dogs’ tongues like to do. Breathe normally first. After 5 regular breaths, breathe in the ratio 6-3-12 in the following way.

  • Breathe in on 6.
  • Hold your breath on 3 and just listen and hear.
  • Exhale ‘for what feels like an eternity’ on 12 with a long sustained sound. Wait until the inhalation begins reflexively.

Repeat this sequence 5 times.

Then take your thumb and index finger off your jawbone, retract your tongue and let it rest on your lower palate. But do not change the position of your mouth. Your mouth is still open and hanging down – think of the dog with a slobbery mouth 😉 Now, do the breath sequence again but this time with a visualisation at the end.

  • Breathe in on 6.
  • Hold your breath again on 3, listen and then
  • Vocalise a long sustained tone and exhale ‘for what feels like an eternity’ on 12. Imagine your chest becoming as soft as butter, melting away smoothly.

Repeat this sequence 5 times. Let your attention rest on and in your chest and feel the difference:)

Try it & fly with it!


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