Praise Mr. Pilates!

I never met Uncle Joe, as his students empathically called him. But through my 30 years of deep and relentless research into the Pilates method, I can well imagine what he was like.

For me, Uncle Joe provides a great foundation for all of us who dare to meet up to his challenge to engage deeply with body, mind and spirit. To discover our ‘primal state’ – J.H. Pilates called it Contrology. I call it Bodyhood.

A song for J. H. Pilates

To honour J. H. Pilates for his life’s work, I composed a song for him. See how his definition of fitness Contrology relates to my definition of fitness Bodyhood – in words and images.

J.H. Pilates Definition of Fitness Contrology:

“The attainment and maintenance of a uniformly developed body with a sound mind, fully capable of performing our many and varied daily tasks naturally, easily and satisfactorily with spontaneous zest and pleasure.” J. H. PILATES

My definition of fitness bodyhood:

“The quality of being in the body. A state of presence felt from deep within, characterised by self-awareness, self-knowledge and self-empowerment.” CSRM

Listen now and enjoy the pictures in motion;)

“I am not part of the Pilates method
to make big money.
I am part of the Pilates Method
to freely develop human potential.
I am also not a Pilates fanatic
but a Pilates idealist.
The Pilates Method is one of my many tools to develop human potential.
Its effectiveness is evident to me.
Nothing more, nothing less.”

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