Change Or Stay As You Are!

Achtsamkeitsübung Bewegung in Achtsamkeit Pilates Übung Roll up Selbstverbesserung Selbstentwicklung

There can be no improvement without change!

We know this slogan all too well. It has been used by many, including masters such as Moshe Feldenkrais and Joseph H. Pilates. But how exactly do we define change? Does it mean a change from Joseph to Noah or Mary to Alina? Or does it mean a change from unconscious habit to intelligence?

Obviously, Joseph cannot become Noah and Mary cannot become Alina, but Joseph can change how Joseph thinks about and treats himself, and so can Mary. Both can create new possibilities for themselves.

It is clear, however, that no one can change and remain the same at the same time. We have to decide: “Do I want to change or stay the way I am?”
And if we want to change – mostly improve – we have to keep in mind …

The only thing we can change sustainably is ourself

When we train, for example, it is not about whether we do Pilates, Yoga, CrossFit or any other en-vogue self-improvement technique. It’s about you, the relationship to yourself and your relationship to the training.

The universe created us humans, but not Pilates, Yoga and CrossFit. And so the universe doesn’t care about Pilates, Yoga and CrossFit, but it cares about us humans. The burden of proof is therefore on us humans – on me and you. We have to do the work.
What’s the best way to empower yourself? Swap the ‘what’ for the ‘how’! It’s not what we do, it’s how we do what we do.

Empowerment – Exchange the ‘what’ for the ‘how’

Pilates, Yoga, Tai Chi and CrossFit are powerless unless we give them power. We are capable of empowering things. We are capable of changing things by changing how we do things.
Take, for example, the Pilates Roll Up. If we want lasting change, it is wiser not to change ‘what’ we do – the Roll Up – but to change ‘how’ we do the Roll Up.

As you can see in the 2 pictures above, we can perform the Roll Up exercise in different ways. Either we push our head forward (picture 1). Or we bring our chin to our chest (picture 2). The result is completely different. You, we and I decide …
If we change the ‘how’ and not the ‘what’, we also change our relationship to the ‘what’. Some call this development;)

Try it & fly with it!

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