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Schulterrotation Faszien Massage Pilates Vorbereitung Trainingsoptimierung therapie therapeutische Übung Rückwärtsbeugen Schultergürtel

Charleston Samu Rii Marquis CSRM

Touch says more than mere talk

He who feels and senses knows! And he who knows also knows what to do.

Sometimes we talk our heads off and give a hundred thousand explanations. Nothing changes! And then a certain touch changes everything.

Hello everyone! Welcome back to the Bodyhood Pilates Tutorials. Today I will show you the correct position of our shoulders in external rotation using a PAPAD facial massage technique. Why the correct position of our shoulders in external rotation is important? Because it is a basic requirement for all backbends. In Pilates, these are for example the exercises Swan, Swan Dive and Double Leg Kick. How to get to a correct external rotation of our shoulders? With the shoulder rotation fascial massage. It allows us to kinaesthetically perceive the external rotation of our shoulder girdle. Curious what this feels like?

Join my tutorial on the journey through the PAPAD Fascial Massage for Shoulder External Rotation. Then try this therapeutic exercise with someone you appreciate, like and respect.

To get an idea of the shoulder rotation fascial massage, let’s watch the video right below. After that, I will describe how exactly it works. Now click and enjoy;)

Starting position

My partner is lying in prone position on the floor, her legs are hip-width, her heels fall to the side and her head is turned to the left. Her arms lie lengthwise along her upper body. I sit on my knees on the left side next to her. I support her left shoulder joint with my left hand and place my right hand on her left elbow. I make sure that her buttock muscles are relaxed and her breathing is even.

The procedure

I ask my partner to breathe in while I turn her left shoulder inwards. I ask her to hold her breath for 3 seconds while I pause. Then I ask her to exhale while gently pulling her arm away and turning her shoulder joint outwards. At the same time, I ask her to lift her chest while keeping her buttocks and shoulders relaxed. Then after the next inhalation, I ask my partner to hold her breath for 5 seconds while I pause. On the exhale I ask her to bring her chest back down. I repeat this a few times and then move to the other side.

Coaching keys

Use our coaching keys as a support when performing the shoulder rotation fascial massage. Say them and visualise them …

  • I make sure that my partner’s buttocks and shoulders are loose and relaxed while she lifts her chest.
  • I watch carefully for any sign of anticipatory anxiety.
  • I make sure that when my partner lifts her chest, she does not tilt her pelvis anteriorly.
  • I am kind, gentle and mindful in what I do.

Therapeutic value

The shoulder rotation fascial massage

  • reduces tension in the neck – which is most likely the “result” of hours of cyber activity.
  • gives us a new perception of our back – especially for people with hyper-lordosis.
  • provides relief for shoulder impingement or rotator cuff syndrome.

Last but not least, …

The Pilates connection

The PAPAD fascial massage technique for shoulder rotation gives us a clear physical and kinaesthetic awareness of our shoulder girdle and joint in all Pilates backbends such as the Swan, Swan Dive, Single Leg Kick and Double Leg Kick.

Try it & fly with it!


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