How To Reclaim Your Warrior Spirit?

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“Give in but never give up. If you give up, you put yourself in an unfavourable position to the laws of gravity.” AFCA DAWA

This is the necessary state to practise the Pilates Method holistically. As far as I can see, there is no scarcity of solutions, but a scarcity of warriors. Where are the people with the attitude of a warrior?

How I define warriorship?

Warriors can put themselves mentally, physically and emotionally in a position of mindfulness where they know what needs to be done and do it. They have the will to do and the perseverance to never give up – no matter what – until the job is done.

For most of our problems there are numerous methods and solutions, but unfortunately not enough people with the mindset of a warrior for these solutions to be realised. What actually constitutes a warrior spirit?

Being a warrior means to

  • keep going no matter what challenges come your way.
  • never give up even when you have to give in.
  • always be who you say you are, no matter what battle you are fighting.
  • fight consciously, justly, correctly and coherently.

Putting solutions into action

Pilates Mindfulness Training Warrior Warriors Mental Holistic Training Perseverance

How do we realise solutions? We have to make our desires a basic need! Here is a short story to explain what I mean …

Make your wishes your basic needs

The story of the mouse and the cheese. When the hungry mouse sees the cheese in the trap, it doesn’t think: “Ok, I give up! It’s too complicated to get the cheese out of the trap.” The mouse has to eat. So the cheese is more important than the trap. That’s why the mouse will find a way to get to the cheese. Usually without getting caught. Most of the time, at least. Some mice get caught, of course, but surprisingly, more mice find their way to the cheese than to cheese heaven.

The story shows – and my point is – that we have to make what we want a necessity. Once we make our desire a basic need, we will find possibilities and the way to get there becomes easier. But if we don’t and we do not have an idea of what we want, the difficulty of the situation will be the main focus of our interest, and sooner or later we will give up.

Pilates Mindfulness Training Warrior Warriors Mental Holistic Training Perseverance

It is not about doing things right
but about doing them consciously.

It is not about doing good
but about giving our best.

It is not about ‘forcing’ it to work
but about allowing the idea and the principle
to take us deeper into the matter.

Try it & fly with it!

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