I Unwind To Be Kind To My Body And Mind

Pilates Entspannung Körperbewusstheit

Charleston Samu Rii Marquis CSRM

After I’ve done my best – pulled my navel into my spine, tucked in and tightened my ‘funky bum bum’, breathed like a frog in love – and almost killed myself in the pleasure of that effort – I run home to this quiet, peaceful and secret place within me. The place I’ve never told anyone about.
I get ready for 3 effortless little things to release all the unintentional tension I’ve built up during my Pilates body-mind-adventure.

I imagine, I breathe, I relax deeply

Yes, after we have done our best, these 3 things will do the rest.

1. Lie on your back for 5 minutes, crossing your arms over your chest. Visualize that you are an empty suit once worn by a powerful queen or dignified king.

Pilates Exercise Relaxation Breathing Relaxation Music Ritual Mindfulness Resilience Training Awareness

2. Stay in the position. Take 10 deep, long, and sustained breaths. As you exhale, visualize that you are a cluster of a million dancing stars on their way to heaven.

Pilates Exercise Relaxation Breathing Relaxation Music Ritual Mindfulness Resilience Training Awareness

3. Lie on a fitness ball for 2 minutes and visualize that you are floating in your mother’s womb listening to ‘Don’t Worry be Happy’ by Bobby McFerrin.

By the way, this also works great after a hard day at work. One of those days when your boss forgot how valuable you really are and just kept pointing out how important he is.
Try doing these 3 exercises to get rid of leftover tension from your workday. You’ll see, how it works! And even better with music …

Music for deeper relaxation

The Cava Tonic Sounds – from the Cava Wave Sounds series – provide the appropriate sonic playgound. They will transport you to relaxed visual and mental states. The Cava Tonic Sounds help you to ‘chill within’. And ‘chillin within’ has everything to do with balancing the needs of your heart with the wants of your mind. Let me guide you to your ‘chill within state’ … Click now and listen to the Cava Tonic Sounds.

Try it & fly with it!


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