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The Different Meanings Of Masks

During the Corona pandemic, we all noticed how uncomfortable the repetitive wearing of the Corona mask is. Interestingly, however, we are not aware of how restrictive the mask of personality we constantly wear is. Although both masks inhibit our freedom of expression, much more attention is paid to the Corona Mask. I think this is exactly wrong.

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How Do We Base Our Pelvis In Prone Position?

Hello Pilates Family, imagine if there was a learning tool that could bypass all the Pilates dogmas and theories that tell us how to do prone Pilates exercises. That would be pretty cool, wouldn’t it! Believe it or not. There is such a perceptual tool. The pelvic side roll weight distribution tool. The Pilates Single Leg Kick serves as our example.

Differenzierte Pilates Reformer Footwork Wahrnehmungs-Tool Körperbewusstheit Trainingsoptimierung

Differentiated Pilates Reformer Footwork

“F**k, what is that crazy teacher doing?”
As a Pilates teacher, student or just an enthusiast, you might be thinking this as you look at the picture above. You might also be thinking to yourself, “We’ve never done Pilates footwork like that before!” I don’t mean that this is how Reformer Footwork should be done either, but placing the feet on the teacher’s torso expands our understanding of footwork.

oberer Rücken Entspannung therapeutisch Bewegung Intonation rhythmisches Muster Übung Training Pilates Körperachtsamkeit

Sounding We Relax Our Upper Back

Today we increase the therapeutic effect of this exercise by adding “tone symbolism”. Tone symbolism means that we intonate the rhythmic movement pattern. We can achieve deeper and more thorough relaxation with sound symbolism. We improve our perceptive awareness.

Pilates Trainingsoptimierung Körper-Geist-Balance Erfolg Vision Chant Sprechgesang Kraft Intention

The Power of Intention

Pursuing a goal without giving it meaning is like owning a beautiful diamond without knowing what to do with it. Or like spending all our energy to reach the top of the mountain and then asking ourselves at the top “Why am I here?

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Pilates Roll Over With Support

How do we get our legs flowing in the air? Where is the source of movement in the Roll Over? Let’s learn to understand the source of the Pilates Roll Over perceptively. With partner support, we move fluidly from the Hundred Exercise into the Roll Over. Let’s watch it right below in our 40-second video …