Make a Happy Face for the Human Race

We intensively focus on protecting our body from Covid-19 but, unfortunately, we often neglect to protect our hearts from the aftermath of Covid-19. Poetry is the elexir of the heart. Poetry nourishes our heart just like minerals and vitamins nourish the rest of our body. So, let’s bring poetry back into our lives …

Pilates Trainingsoptimierung Persönlichkeitsmaske Wohlbefinden erhöhen Therapie Bewusstheit

The Different Meanings Of Masks

During the Corona pandemic, we all noticed how uncomfortable the repetitive wearing of the Corona mask is. Interestingly, however, we are not aware of how restrictive the mask of personality is, which we ‘wear’ constantly. Although both masks inhibit our freedom of expression, much more attention is paid to the Corona mask. I think this is turned upside down …

Beckengründung Pilates Trainingsoptimierung Übungen in Bauchlage kinästhetisches Lernen Bewusstheit Körperwahrnehmung

How Do We Ground Our Pelvis In Prone Position?

The biggest challenge for Pilates novices when performing the Single Leg Kick is keeping the pelvis grounded down into the floor. How to get round this? We have a perceptual learning tool. The pelvic side roll weight distribution tool. We will get a better perception of our pelvis in prone position. Have a look and check out our vlog insi(ght) …

oberer Rücken Entspannung therapeutisch Bewegung Intonation rhythmisches Muster Übung Training Pilates Körperachtsamkeit

Sounding We Relax Our Upper Back

Ever asked yourself how to increase the therapeutic effect of exercises? How about by adding ‘tone symbolism’. Tone symbolism means that we intonate the rhythmic movement pattern. We achieve deeper and more thorough relaxation with sound symbolism and improve our perceptive awareness …

Pilates Trainingsoptimierung Körper-Geist-Balance Erfolg Vision Chant Sprechgesang Kraft Intention

The Power of Intention

Discovering what invigorates each one of us means learning to understand our intention. Our „intention could be: „I want to have a six-pack“. Nothing wrong with wanting a six-pack. But we have to ask ourselves: What for? What is the point of having a six-pack? …

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